Little hunnies

These boys are going to be tall dark and handsome when they grow up!!

Have any of you heard of Shutterfly?? It's an online photo spot where you can make cards and order prints etc. It is American, so can be a little expensive for shipping and all that. My friend from the States ordered some cards for me, made with my photos, as a baby gift when I had Liam, and they were really sweet. If however, you are interested in just making online e-cards to send out with your email Christmas can make cards on Shutterfly and then just copy them.
I'll show you some examples...made with those pics above...

I thought they were pretty cute! And I always love to teach friends my little online finds of mine! (They also have cute baby announcements.)


Angella said…
I got my Shutterfly album in the mail yesterday - SO well done!!
Anna said…
Thanks Sarah! Those ARE great! I'll have to give it a try.
Elizabeth said…
That's sweet. I'm going to check it out!
T said…
That is SO COOL! I'll have to give the e-card thing a try for Christmas this year.

Thanks for checking out my blog...and congrats on Baby 3 on the way! How exciting=)


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