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Well Liam is still a little sick. We haven't had to pump him full of drugs every 6 hours like the first day, so he must be on the mend but still is not himself. I hate it when someone is sick. I've heard it to be said that a fever is a good thing as it's your bodys way of fighting back...but I'm always scared when Liam has a fever because of what happened that one fateful day just before he turned 2 at Market Mall. For those that don't know, he had what we think was a febrile seizure...we thought he was dying right in front of us...whole body went limp and we couldn't get any response. The ambulance came and took us in to ER where he came to after some medicine and a long nap. It was the scariest mommy moment I've had yet. Not one I would like to repeat any time soon, so that's why we are so scared any time he gets a fever. Anyway...while Liam sits here trying to recover, Riley is having a hard time sitting around being good! We've unfortunately had to watch a lot of videos and even that doesn't work so hot. Thank goodness for kindergarden in the afternoons.


Anna said…
Poor Liam. Hang in there little man! Cute pregnancy ticker, Sarah.
The Foulds said…
That is scary!! Hope he gets better soon. He will.
Heather said…
Yeah... it is hard when your best buddy is sick to keep busy and out of trouble I imagine. Hang in there!
Mar said…
Hey Liam, we're sorry to know that you have been sick. Hope you feel really good soon. Riley - it's tricky being quite when someone is sick - isn't it? Where are you in your Skipper Book now?
Love and hugs from Nanny, Levi and Evan - looking at your pictures on Thursday morning.

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