The process of elimination

I don't know if you have accumulated much in the past, but every year, our storage room gets more and more packed. It is the one blessing in disguise of moving, that you are challenged to sort and decide..."Is this worth moving? Have we even opened this box in the past 2 years?" We have been in our house two years, and I know for a fact that we have a bunch of boxes sitting down there that we haven't touched. Some stuff though, is hard to part with. And some stuff you just can't part baby clothes, camping supplies, gift wrap, Christmas decor. I now have a different outlook as I go through my days lately, with the prospect of us moving in the summer... do I really want this?? I really would love to get down to the stuff that we really need, which I highly doubt will happen, but a girl can try. I need that lady from the show, Neat, to come and help me out over here. I think I'm a far cry from being titled a "pack-rat", but I do have a hard time parting with things that are sentimental or usable. I usually find that if I part with something that I rarely use, let's say a red belt, wouldn't you know it...the next year I frantically am searching for it for a costume and wondering what I did with it, and then argh! I realize I've parted with it and will have to go buy something else. Murphy's law or something. Or Greg and I have kept over the years, old jeans and sweatshirts to take camping...but do we ever bring them, we use our regular old clothes and trash them. That sort of thing.
Anyway...wish me luck in this process of eliminating. We really do, in our culture in general, have SO much!! I mean really, who needs 24 non-matching mugs? or 15 bagged out sweatshirts?


Mar said…
Mmmm.. . sounds like me! Moving definately forces the issue on what is really of value. I love that show you mentioned. . . they make it look so easy to sort through all the nostalgia. Someone was saying that we should take pictures of the stuff, rather than keep it, and keep the memories instead. BUT that said, there are sure some things that return - as in currently the girls are playing with "My Little Pony". Who knew you should hold on to those?
Angella said…
I hate when I turf something and then need it 6 months later! But that is the rare instance...which is why I've gotten better at purging :)

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