The list thingy

1. I’m going to try to make this list of 100 things, cuz it seems to be the thing to do.
2. I am extremely tired.
3. I am supposed to be doing my devotions homework for our Bible study.
4. But I’m not, I’m writing out this list, of course.
5. I had a very busy day with my kids, but don’t feel like I got anything done.
6. I am really wishing I had a hot cup of tea but I don’t want to get up.
7. I wonder what it would be like to live with all my friends in the same town.
8. I never was in the same place for longer than 7 years growing up.
9. I never went to the same school for longer than 3 years.
10. I wish I knew my extended family a little better.
11. I love to take pictures. Mostly of people.
12. I wish I could go back to school to learn more about taking pictures!
13. I would also like to learn some other trade eventually.
14. I really do enjoy writing and used to write letters to myself when I was bored.
15. I wrote letters to my hubby (then boyfriend) every day while I was in Mexico.
16. He is my first love…sigh.
17. I went to Bible school at Prairie and thought I was supposed to meet and marry someone there…isn’t that what they teach you when you are little…Bridal college?
18. I loved living in a dorm. I would go back tonight.
19. I was the one who kept everyone awake during the sleepovers in the lounge.
20. I even got written-up by my RA who said I was too loud.
21. I’m usually a very huge rule-follower, aka goodie goodie.
22. Though I did get put out in the hall once in grade one.
23. I really enjoy animals, but don’t intend on having any pets, at least right now.
24. I would get a kitten, but they grow up to be cats I’ve been told.
25. I really hate when people let their animals defecate in my yard.
26. One day I would like a reasonable sized yard with a good garden.
27. I would grow all kinds of fruit and veggies and get really dirty nails.
28. I used to work in a hospital.
29. I was officially titled, a Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant.
30. It was a good job while it lasted but you see I got prego and very unstable so I wasn’t much help!
31. I don’t know what I would do now if I was forced to go back to work tomorrow.
32. I am a PK. A pastor’s daughter. Well, except he just changed careers. But I still would be called a PK, right? Oh oh, identity crisis.
33. I have webbed toes. Not all of them.
34. I love to swim, and the doctor predicted that when I was born.
35. I take water fitness classes and love it all except the bouncing booby part.
36. I would love to jog, but I really wasn’t built for it.
37. I have a big bro and little sis and said I would never have 3 kids, but I can’t imagine 4!
38. I went on the Dwight D. Eisenhower.
39. I have been on two helicopter rides, and it is really quite thrilling.
40. I want to take my kids to Disneyland when they are still young.
41. If I could go somewhere today it would be Hawaii.
42. I am pretty good at baking and love to except for the mess.
43. I wish my house was cleaner but I can’t keep up.
44. I have a hard time getting my clothes into the washer, dryer, folded and put away all in the same week. Usually the clothes sit folded in the hamper for awhile.
45. I never had braces, but I wore really round ugly glasses in gr.8.
46. I would like to be more musical, but it really doesn’t come naturally to me.
47. I would play the violin if I was skilled enough.
48. I loved going to summer camp.
49. I rocked at doing the polar dip.
50. I am half way done this crazy long list!
51. I have a lot of decorating ideas in my head but have never managed to pull them off in my home.
52. I love watching all those home reno shows and moving in or house-hunting stories.
53. I guess maybe I’d be good at showing houses?
54. I want to be a better friend than I am.
55. I teach Sunday school to 4/5/6 yr. olds.
56. I deliver large babies.
57. I have long legs, a short waist, and a small head in comparison to my boobs.
58. I should have worn an extra hair piece on my wedding day to make my head look larger in comparison to my huge dress (oh, and boobies).
59. I wash my face with Oil of Olay foaming face wash every night.
60. I do not use soap in the shower, just shampoo and conditioner.
61. I have very soft skin.
62. My favorite color is blue.
63. I’m not very adventurous in what I wear.
64. I have the same few pairs of shoes and they just don’t wear out. I even have some undies from when I got married, and my hubby has named them cuz they are so familiar.
65. I like eggnog but I don’t really like runny eggs, go figure.
66. I like thriller movies and being scared, but not gory stuff.
67. I think I’d be scared to get on a horse.
68. I don’t know if I can stay awake long enough to finish this.
69. I speak really broken Spanish and not French.
70. I’m almost 30.
71. I don’t know what we’re doing for my birthday.
72. I once had a birthday party where the girls slept in my room and the moms had their own sleepover upstairs.
73. I have a young mom.
74. I haven’t started Christmas shopping yet. But I am listening to Christmas music.
75. I never believed in Santa.
76. I was Hark the Herald Angel in my church pageant. I got the part the week of the show, cuz the guy who had the part suddenly got diabetes and was very sick.
77. It was a “boy” part, but I didn’t mind.
78. I think the baby just kicked me.
79. I am waking up a lot during the night and thinking of baby names.
80. I would like a proper headboard.
81. I love having a laptop.
82. I named her Delilah, when it used to be my hubbys’…cuz I thought he spent too much time with “her”. But she is very addicting.
83. I am really sad that Lost is done for the season as it’s the only show I’m following.
84. I laid the sod in my backyard. The yard is only like 15x14 feet!
85. The roller we rented had no plug to keep the water inside it so it was totally useless.
86. I convinced a girl once that this manure in our backyard was actually edible. It was in a bag, and she totally believed me.
87. It wasn’t pretty.
88. I led my grandma down a really bumpy trail on our new mountain bikes. She fell on some tree roots, but was a real trouper and kept following me.
89. I remember singing The Teddy Bear Picnic song with her when she took me on walks down in the ravine…that was a long time ago.
90. I wonder what my grandkids will remember about me.
91. I keep a diary.
92. I have a diary from when I was 9 and would love to drag it out and share some of it on my blog. I’m sure its crazy hilarious.
93. I am scared of motorbikes. I have only been a passenger.
94. I used to get perms that never worked.
95. I have naturally straight and boring hair.
96. I am worried that one day my hair will thin out to nothingness.
97. I love it when people laugh. I hope you got at least one laugh from reading this.
98. I can’t imagine being overly crazy screaming if I met a celebrity. Although I did touch Bono and it was very special.
99. I am going to be up to 11 trying to finish my devotions.
100. I did it, I did it!!


Anna said…
Holy smokes Sarah! I think I'd get stuck around 30. For my online moms group we were supposed to list 6 unusual things about ourselves....I got one. I guess I'm no good at lists. Well done.
Angella said…
There seems to be a boob theme...


LOST is returning Feb 5th - there is hope!
Royden and Ruth said…
Great post idea.

Hey..this is Royden, I never got a chance to thank Greg for his comment on my thanksgiving post.


thanks Greg!
eLiZaBeTh said…
Y0u made me laugh.. wow thats alot of info..
Mar said…
Oh, Sarah - you are just TOO much fun! ! SOOOO lovable! I've got tears running down my cheeks. yup - you're still a PK - you grew up that way. Funny the things that stick in your head, and how you get things from your family, ie your Dad's soft skin.

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