Brrrrrr naked

I like saying that. Or another term we use around here...."IT's AS COLD AS A WiTCHS' TITTY."
It is. I think it's like -28 with wind chill making it around -33. Our house isn't really all that warm even though the heater has been running all day. We've got a lot of windows that aren't the best quality I guess.
It was a bit of a cranky weekend. Riley ended up getting sick now, after all his friends and Liam had it, he held off til now. He is actually pretty reasonable and snuggly when he's sick. He only has a high fever which makes him nice and chill-axed. He also gets quite philosophical and will come up with some deep questions at times like these. It is Liam though that drives you batty. He somehow senses that Riley is weakened, and he's like an animal, taking advantage of the fact that he suddenly has more power than his big brother.
Greg has been working like a banchee. He has this big project deadline for tomorrow, so he's been up late or working whenever he gets the chance. I'll be glad when that is done, as I'm sure will he.
I decided to take Liam to church with me, so that Greg and Riley could catch up on sleep without the Liamster pouncing on their faces. I was teaching SS, and turns out Liam would not stay in the nursery and they had to bring him into my class sobbing. That was fun.
So now I'm getting caught up on dirty dishes, floors and laundry before I brave the upcoming loooonnnnngggg week. I won't be sending Riley off to school. Too bad I couldn't send Liam in his place and tell his teacher...have fun!!


Anna said…
Oh dear. Doesn't sound like a fun weekend at all! Sounds like Liam needs a big distraction...hmmm, send him doing laps around the house? That would tire him out too. Sorry, no ideas. Give Riley an extra squeeze for me.

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