Picture update

I've been lacking in the picture department lately. This Friday actually, I've offered to take pictures for a friend of her newborn baby, so that 'll add some to my collection and be a little more interesting than the ones taken in the last while.
Here's Liam this morning. His eye is practically back to perfect again, just a little mark on the side and there's a bump in there when you feel it. But I think it'll heal up just fine.

Here's the two crazies...aren't they looking older? The two of them eat more than I do and are growing. I think Liam is getting more of a neck and chin. He's busy laughing at the camera for some reason and talking his head off as usual.

Here's some artwork by Riley...

His Star Wars drawing (his favorite thing to draw)

His first drawing of a house

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY GREAT FRIEND HEIDI HO...in the great white north. I wish I could have been there for your party night with the girls!! It's been great talking to you lately ... many many hugs and 30 big ol' birthday bumps!!


Angella said…
Cute boys!! And great drawings :)

I still have a bump from when I had my black eye :)

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