The good ol' days

Ok, so last night I dreamt (dreamed??) in short sentences.
I couldn't stop thinking of things that I would add to the list.

So today we went to Heritage Park. Every year they have an event called The 12 days of Christmas which runs on the weekends. It's the only time we've ever gone to the place, and it's a really good time. There isn't a tight schedule to follow, and you spend most of the time outdoors. It was a beautiful day, a little windy, but we were dressed for it.
Here's some photos...

Santa just so happened to be strolling the streets. We caught up to him and gave him 5 and got a quick photo. The boys didn't say much, but as we walked away Riley said..."Now we know what the guy looks like who gives us our presents!"
We took a nice horse drawn wagon ride, ate some cinnamon buns, went through some mazes, went in an old pool hall filled with mini electric trains, played in the hay...just good ol' fashioned fun. Hope you enjoyed the tour.


Heidi said…
Sarah, I love your photos!
The Foulds said…
I love fun like that!
Anna said…
I like the lamp-post picture...I saw that on Flickr you wrote that it reminded you of the lamp-post in the Narnia book...I TOTALLY thought of that too! Great pictures, sounds like a good day. I didn't even leave the house and now I really wish I would have.
Angella said…
Sounds like fun! And great photos, per usual :)

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