Thanks for your concern

A big shout out to my peeps who have been praying and thinking of us these days...thank you so much. It always amazes me how in times of trouble, the people pool together to show their love and support. It has been a dark and scary week. I think I have really been hit hard core with the whole idea of...What do I actually believe?? Do I actually think that having hundreds of people praying will somehow heal Ella? Do I know how to pray at all? Am I telling God what I expect of Him rather than requesting? I guess many questions and floods of doubt and fear swept over me and some but not all of it has been solved. I think that's is causing me to think and grow.
The great part of it all is that right now, Ella is doing well. She is home with her loving family and so far not showing any signs of danger, though her mom has to keep a watchful eye at all times as to possible infection, bleeding, swelling etc. Please continue to pray that God will give them peace and hope. I find myself "dropping by" to see them just to make sure that things are going ok. Life is precious. We're reminded all the time, but especially this past week.

I got my stitches out today and am happy to be pretty much painless with both my foot and my back.
Here's a gross ugly picture of my foot that will maybe fall into the category of TMI.

Thank goodness! I love my doctors and chiropractors!! let me tell you!
It has been SO great and therapeutic to be outdoors with the boys, soaking up the sun and just getting out of the family room and into the fresh air.

I think I may just become one of those people who have to leave Canada during the winter when I'm retired and head south! The boys are busy with soccer, cross country running and blastball, so we have even more excuses to be out of the house.
Here's Riley with his latest hobby...

Can you believe it's almost May?
Anyway...thanks again for checking in on me and I hope you know how much we all appreciate your prayers and concern for us.


Bloggy Mama said…
And now it IS May. Still praying for that precious dear.
Lisa said…
So relieved that Ella is doing well now.

What in the world is "blastball"??!

Oh my goodness - Jaxson is going to be so jealous of Riley and his skateboard!
Sarah said…
Lisa...blastball is kind of like t-ball, but even easier. They just basically practice the hitting, catching and running one base...they don't use a whole diamond.
CBC radio had a thing the other day about saying what won you over to going online. . . I thought about it and realized that YOU DID! Ever since you went to PBI I've enjoyed reading your thoughts! You have a great way with written words and being open about yourself. I didn't write CBC the letter that I was thinking of - but here I am commenting on your blog again. Reading it is one of my daily highlights!
Faith & Mark said…
You and Ella and the family continue to be in my prayers as well. Like you I have also had surgery to remove glass from an appendage (my finger tip) after close to a year of it being in there. I feel with you the pain of the freezing needle, believe me! And we know what it's like to see a little one so close to us go through something so scary.

We may drop by sometime this summer (if that's alright with you). Faith and I are still wondering what in the world to do for our 10th anniversary this year. I think I'd feel a little stupid and a whole lot guilty to spend my student loan money on flights to England or something like that, but hey - who knows what God has planned?

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