Suggestions please!!

As some of you know, Greg and I are coming up on 10 years married! We want to go away somewhere for about 5 days. We've got some air miles saved up and have been looking online to figure out where to go. Or we could save our air miles and drive somewhere like Oregon or Seattle, or even Vancouver. What to do. Unlike me, Greg is not really a sit-at-the-beach with a pina colada kinda guy, and our last trip was to Hawaii. So something where we could catch a show, a concert, shop around without children for a change, somewhere with a view (mmm...take some pictures). Or maybe we could find the best of both worlds? We're thinking sometime in May or June.
Any suggestions?? Any trips you've made and loved lately?? San Diego? Mexico? New York? Los Angeles? Florida?
Maybe we won't go far away at all, but I'd love to know of all the options.


Melissa said…
Our favorite trip was down the Oregon coast. We used air miles to get to Portland (I think), then rented a car and drove down the coast and back through the interior. We did have Joshua with us, though, or it might've been a little more relaxing - but it WAS gorgeous!! The best time of year apparently is later in the summer - the ocean breezes are really cold in the early summer! (At least I'm told the winds are warmer in the later summer/early fall!)
mmmmm - sounds like a great idea - I personally like Seattle - but then I haven't been toooo many places. There's lots of shopping, scenery, ferry's, Mark Driscoll. New York and take in a live show or two? That sounds like fun!
Bloggy Mama said…
Hmmm... we like Tofino. Camping at Green Point is AMAZING, but probably already booked. A B&B would be incredible, too (and more appropriate for a getaway). We stayed at Cable Cove Inn on our honeymoon.
Kristin said…
Victoria and the island in general is always fun. Lots of wineries and stuff like that.
If you do go I recommend that you check outThe Crow and Gate Pub, very neat place, very authentic.
Greg said…
I don't like Pina Coladas but Hawaii is amazing. I would move to Seattle, so maybe exploring it further would be a good idea :)
The Island is really nice too. We stayed here and here on our Honeymoon.
ruth said…
If you came to Sea town you could crash with us if we're around or stay at Hotel 1000 downtown (we've had several friends stay there and say it's awesome). I also second Tofino and the Oregon Coast. We also really enjoyed Salt Spring Island when we went there although there aren't really any shows or shopping. New York and Vegas...also fabulous (I hear Vegas is too hot in the summer though).
Lisa said…
Oh my goodness - where do I start??!! Obviously, Tofino is great - we loved Ucluelet which is nearby, very relaxing and beautiful. We also love pretty much anywhere in California we've been - Santa Monica, Santa Cruz, San Diego, San Francisco & Nappa Valley. Vegas is great, lots to do even without gambling, and yes it gets hot in summer but there are lots of pools to enjoy and it still cools off at night! New York is still on my list, so if you go you'll have to let me know! We went to Mexico in May once - low season and nice and hot. I guess it depends on how much you want to spend......I'm so excited for you guys, can't wait to hear what you decide!!
teresa said…
San Diego is fabulous! So much to do there, great food to eat, beaches to walk on, good shopping and lots of interesting things to see, such as the military bases, aircraft carriers, etc. Very cool. My choice!

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