Life at a stand-still

I don't know if that is a proper thing to say, "Life at a stand-still", because as you can imagine, life is never at a stand-still when there are three children to entertain. Having the warmer weather brings along it's new challenges of keeping kids out of the pond, from falling off the deck, from running into the street, from tracking dirt everywhere etc.
I finally got over the cold (from he##) , with lingering sore tonsils. It wasn't just the normal cold for me, as it came with a fever that absolutely wore me out. Then while coughing, my back finally had enough and decided to go out...compounded by the fact that my foot is bugging me. Whine, whine...I know. Pathetic. But it has really put my life on hold. I can't go to swimming or floor hockey which have been the only two things I do on my own. Even taking pictures for my friends and their babies has been hard as I couldn't get around. After a few hundred dollars at my new chiropractor, I am moving much better now. I am able to keep up with the housework but find it still frustrating that I can't do the things I actually want to do! I am still (yes, still) trying to lose my baby weight and had my cousin tell me "It looks like you're having a baby!". Not something I was needing to hear right now.
I talked to another mom this week, who was asking me if I was returning to work in the fall once Liam is in kindergarden. Being that Shea is still at home and Liam is only out for 2 hours a day, doesn't really give me any time to get a job. I think it's smart for me to just stay here until Shea is in full-time school. I guess that sort of puts my life at a stand-still in it's own way. Unless I was a professional with a high-end job, it wouldn't pay for me to go to work anyway. I do need to find a few things that I can do in the meantime though, other than housework. I talked to an older mom this week (who I met when I was young) who has teens now, and she was letting me know how important it is to keep up on my own interests. "It is good for you, and the kids." I agree! but that is harder than it looks! Not only is your time limited, but resources and there's that whole MOMMY GUILT thing. I would love to take a photography course, but the college here does not offer one. I can't do much in the way of sports. I will be volunteering as the Cubbies (kids club) secretary next fall and do have fun playing around with editing and photo things. I could do more baking or sewing, but I'm trying to think of things outside the home. I will try to do a bit more gardening in the summer, and we just moved our piano back into the living room so I will try to play a bit more. I'd love to hear what other SAHM's do to keep their brains ALIVE.


Kristin said…
I think we all had the same cold, it was a nasty one!

As for ideas... I find just being able to go grocery shopping by myself a nice treat, or some time alone at home. One thing you might enjoy is a walk by yourself with your camera, I know I'd like to see what you take pics of here on the blog. ;)
Bloggy Mama said…
Ugh, that cold... Yuck.
I just wanted to share my thoughts on the way to afford working, thing.... I am teaching part-time and find that I'm pretty much working to pay for child care. Laaaaaame! I'm just keeping mat leave in my sights ;)
Dad's been learning in his accounting course that the tax situation makes $25,000 a year the minimum income for a Mom to be making to break even on the financial impact to her family. The teacher (herself a Mom) was quite adamant about the folly of Mom's working. She feels there are greater costs to the family. I've been thinking about the "JOB" of being a Mom and homemaker. It's a REAL job! We take on the challenge of developing the character and habits of the next generation! Do not negate your value! BUT yes, some diversionary hobbies are very helpful! I think that learning new things is important. Volunteering at school and church is of great value to others and yourself. Until the babes are self-reliant your options are limited - but the time will come -sooner than you think! Hang in there - you're doing a great job! Feeling better will help your perspective, as will the green grass! !
Heather said…
I was just thinking last night I would like to be a Stampin' Up Demonstrater when (and if ) I become a stay at home mom. I just love making cards and I think planning parties and getting out in the evening would be a good opportunity to hang out with people who love the same things I do. Just a thought!
Anna said…
Oh gosh Sarah. I am SO feeling the same way right now. Uggggh. I wish I was there and we could go on our big walks and vent.
Amaranta said…
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