Another update!

"Hi Dad,
Surgeons just saw Ella. Very encouraging and positive about her
condition. She is awake and alert, calm, and happy. They will remove the
EPV (drain) this morning. Tomorrow morning, Dr. Singhal will come and
check her around 8:30 and he said that we could expect to go home by 9:30!


WOW!? hey?? Thank you all for thinking and praying for her.


Bloggy Mama said…
Anonymous said…
Yay! Thanks for the updates! We'll keep praying.

Anonymous said…
Good news! Praise the Lord:)
-ruth (+royden)
le0pard13 said…
That's so great to hear. Continued best wishes.
Kristin said…
We were gone all weekend and I didn't check any blogs while away...

How wonderful to here though that things are now going well. We will be praying for a safe speedy recovery!

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