Getting out of the haze

I am just about getting back to normal, would you believe that I am still sick? The cold was on it's way out the door and then bam, on Saturday it hit me full force again along with a fever, a very sore back and I was feeling rough. That kind of "rough", that when Liam was bending over bleeding on the carpet (bloody nose) and Shea was up in the kitchen dumping cheerios all over the floor for the 10th time...that it brought on the tears! As in, I can barely function, let alone watch after you guys and scrub the dang blood out of the carpet!
I haven't held the baby since the hospital last Friday either, so am quite looking forward to feeling better and getting my baby-fix.
Spring was almost here and then it turned cold and snowy again. A cruel April fools joke. I think we'll all find the summer will be much too short this year. What was that bit about global warming??


Lisa said…
Oh Sarah - poor you! Sometimes the days just suck. I hope you feel better soon!
Bloggy Mama said…
Aw, MAN! Rough deal. I'm thinking of you.

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