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I was getting continual shooting pain up my foot due to that tiny piece of glass. It was not helping my back to get any better as I'm constantly limping around and over-compensating on one side. So I went down to the walk-in clinic today and the doctor was great and more than willing to help me out right away. We went over to the treatment room and he froze me up (worse pain ever...needle in the ball of your foot). He reopened the foot and dug around for a good half an hour and got a big piece out. I even kept it so I could show my kids what has been bugging me all this time! I am hopeful that he got it all out as he kept looking for quite awhile to be sure he got it all. Then he gave me two stitches and home I went with Tylenol and Codine.
Here's hoping that 3 year episode is over with!!


le0pard13 said…
Good to hear that you got it out. But, Tylenol with Codine? I never found that combination really effective for pain and inflammation care. Good ol' ibuprofen (over the counter) to still be the best for that. I know many a physician (at work), and a couple of dentists, and they swear by it (for short term care). If the T w/ C is not taking care of it, go for the ibuprofen. Take care.
Sarah said…
le0pard13...I'm taking both!! Ibuprofen and Tylenol!! as recommended!
Bloggy Mama said…
Ugh, shivers. I hope you help up fast.
Lisa said…
Yuck - I might have nightmares about your needle in the foot.
Good riddance to that pesky piece of glass!

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