One of those things that scares you to the core.

Our sweet baby Ella is undergoing brain surgery right now. I think you can imagine how that makes me feel.
I got home from getting stitches yesterday to have my dad call and relay the news that Ella was found with excess fluid around her brain. They air lifted her and Pam to the Vancouver Children's hospital last night. Today she had a MRI and is now in surgery, or hopefully by now is out.
I slept maybe 3 hours last night. I am sick with worry. I'm hoping to get an update soon.


Lisa said…
Just look at that sweet baby girl.I'm praying them (and you).
Bloggy Mama said…
Also, I know of a little almost three-year-old who had this surgery and is a rambunctious (crazy) kid! He's been blessed with a successful surgery and I'm sure Ella will too. Prayer chain going.....

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