"WHAT?! Lost your mittens?!"

My life really does run parallel with nursery rhymes some days...for instance...
"There once was an old woman who lived in a shoe, she had so many children, she didn't know what to do?!"
Ha, well almost.
But yes, seriously...we're having issues with going to school with 2 mittens and coming home with one or none. I have been known to mutter the words, "WHAT!?? Lost your mittens?!" (And then I giggle on the inside as I feel like a mother cat, and then I go back to being mad.)
Riley lost a pair a few weeks ago and I figured he must have left them at the hockey game that Greg played in over Christmas. So two weeks after the game, and when I had given up looking for them, I returned to the local arena and asked the lady in the office where the lost and found box was. She gave me this long detailed explanation..."You go down this corridor, past the 17 dressing rooms, around a corner, past the zamboni rooms, around another corner to the right and at the end of that hallway, by the 2nd arena, is this large plywood box. Good luck." So I walked for 3 miles and found this box that was big enough to sleep 5 small children inside of it, and was knee deep in clothing articles. Smelly socks, hockey gear and the like. I'm swimming in the grossness, and down at the bottom I spied the missing mitts! BOTH of them!! I probably let out a little squeal but no one could hear me anyway due to the noise of the working zamboni. I must mention that the mitts were a little harder to find as they were camoflague. I rose victorious out of the box and returned to my car with my very successful find.

(You may think this is absolutely ridiculous, but after losing 5 or so mitts and retracing steps and looking under everything, to find a missing mitten is a huge deal in my mommy world.)
Those small victories, right?!


Kaili said…
I so would have just ran to wal-mart and got a HUGE pack of those .99 cent mittens! haha! Good Mama victory though!
Lisa Baerg said…
Hee hee! When Jaxson was in grade 1 we had this on-going saga with a pair of great blue mittens of his. This was the kind that was actually long enough so snow didn't get inside. He would lose one for weeks, then find it, then lose both, then find them - once I found them frozen into a snow bank in the back yard! But somehow they got lost in the packing to move, and so I had to break down and get new ones! Good for you for finding Riley's!
Bloggy Mama said…
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