Just had to send out a quick YEEHAW! and congratulations to our little sister Heather and her hubby to be!!!

Heather and Christian! Engaged January 8th...married soon!

(I took this picture from their album...they got engaged while on their holiday in Africa!)

Love you guys, and wishing you much happiness!


Anna said…
YAHOO! Congrats to Heather and Christian! SO SO SO exciting!
Bloggy Mama said…
Heather said…
That moment we were laughing because we were trying to get Christians Dad to notice we were engaged so we posed like that for the photo and he didn't get it so we were laughing and then let him in on the news.
Lisa Baerg said…
Yay - so excited that your Christmas wish came true Sarah! Looking forward to seeing the wedding pictures someday!
Now if only we could get my little brother to propose to his girlfriend!
Ruth Anne said…
So happy for you, Heather and Christian! Congratulations!!! Nice to hear the story behind the photo!

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