Well life has been mixed with bouts of busy and boring, all within a weekend.
On Thursday I went to my friends house and did a photo shoot for her and my sister in law, who are sisters...both pregnant, both due in March. They are beautiful girls with perfect bellies. I'll show you this one, but the rest you'd have to ask them for!

On Friday we did our regular Engel family night, swimming and potluck at our place. The boys and sure look forward to it as we don't get to see our family much other than those nights.
On Saturday we enjoyed going to Greg's cousins wedding. She and her new hubby are so in love and both so beautiful. They did a completely choreographed "first dance" which was so fun and adorable. Greg pulled his trombone out of the basement and played "I love you, for sentimental reasons" during the reception. It was awesome! Such musical talent in those Davidson cousins.
My parents braved watching the boys for most of the day while we took part in the wedding festivities. It was lucky my dad was around, as Riley turned the light switch to the basement and it started smoking!! Dad pulled it apart and found that the switch was completely split in the back, and who knows what could have happened if it wasn't discovered when it was.
And our trip to Kelowna went well, other than the flying ice cream. Shea has orthotic shoes on order and will need to wear them as much as possible. They probably won't be comfortable, but he should only have to wear them a few months. Here's hoping. I don't want to have him in tight lace-up shoes during the hot summer.
Today we did nothing. We needed a day to catch up before the weekend was over. Hoping yours was restful!


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