Back to the grind

I can't believe tomorrow morning is Monday, and that the Christmas holiday has officially ended. It went really really fast. Our boys could use some more routine, but I must say that they did really well at getting to bed on time, staying healthy, enjoying their new toys, playing in the snow and hanging out with many different friends.
Riley is anticipating going to school again to see his friends, but Liam is sad that the days of staying in pj's til noon and watching cartoons throughout the day will be over.
I'm not sure what this next year will hold for us. The past one just seemed to be full of trials and challenges of parenting and not a whole lot of fun and excitement, that's for sure. But each little day holds some sort of good memory or little piece of joy that helps make life worth plugging through!
Cheers to 2009!


Lisa Baerg said…
I agee, I was pretty sad to set my alarm again this morning so as to not miss the school bus. BUT, I'm also glad to get back into a routine, especially that early bedtime thing!
Bloggy Mama said…
Blessings to all of you in 2009, then!
Anna said…
I miss you guys!

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