Life in balance.

Okay, so it's probably obvious that I haven't poured much thought into this here blog. I occasionally dump a few pictures on here in hopes that it will keep you entertained and still attracted enough to come back. Gaining popularity on my blog has never been the main intent, but I do intend that someone other than myself will come away with "something" every once in awhile. Be it small, at least it's something.
My power of influence seems pretty limited to my kids in this phase of my life. I don't find enough time, energy or passion to really reach out to many other people once I have given myself to my kids. I see it as a stage, but think it's important to at least try to make an impact elsewhere so I don't forget how!! And frankly, my kids probably need to learn to share me a little more. There are two and half hours a week when I am not with at least one of my kids. Two and a half. And that all happens on Monday while I swim and play hockey. I could get a job which would basically just pay for the daycare expenses, but I haven't been willing to go that route yet. Shea is still a baby, and one day soon he won't be. I imagine that as they age they will have less and less to do with me, especially with them all being maybe I'm trying to hog the opportunity I have right now. But wow, there are some days when I doubt that I am really their best option of a caregiver! I get tired of them and they get tired of me and I start to think those thoughts that they would be better with someone else. I get the same "guilty mom" syndrome when I contemplate taking any time for myself. Like I don't deserve to get away or do things for me because my job is to be a MOM 24/7. Some people seem to have figured it out better though, they seem to balance work, kids, hobbies, play, skills and projects and have everything is balance. How do they do it??


You're a sweetheart, you know? You're doing what you're called to do at this time. Your commitment to your boys is commendable - though TIRING! !
I heard a great comment the other day from someone about raising boys - the lady said that her mother-in-law told her (when she was worrying about how she would EVER raise boys) that it only happens ONE day at a time. And then in retrospect - those days fly past sooner than you'd ever expect.
They will rise up and call you blessed! you wait and see. HUGS from your ol'Mom.

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