Just a funny blurb

I've been meaning to write down a few of the cute things my kids say, because like jokes, I have a habit of forgetting even my favorite ones!

I took Liam and Shea grocery shopping yesterday. I was sort of thinking out loud...hmm what should we get for supper. I saw the Mexican section and thought...hey, Tacos would be fun...we never get tacos.
Liam (my picky eater) right away says..."Tacos!? I hate TACOS."
"Liam, you haven't even had tacos. They are like these massive chips that you can put stuff in." I show him the box and he makes a grimace.
"See!? You can put whatever you like inside this giant chip."
"Oh", he says. "GREAT!"
"I'll put macaroni in mine."


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