Another great way to embarrass your parents #486, by Liam

Hi everyone...this is a good one.

Go out to a nice family restaurant with your parents. In our case it was White Spot.
Eat everything in your pirate pack with relatively decent behavior so that you're eligible to get dessert.
Order the strawberry ice cream.
Make sure you use a plastic spoon.
Force the plastic spoon down quite hard under the rock hard ice cream.
Then pull up on the spoon with such force that a large chunk of ice cream flies up and launches over to the neighboring table.
Watch with glee as your mother notices the father at the next table gasp and look around to find where the ice cream came from that is now sliding down his hand.
Watch your father turn beet red and ask the neighbor table if they got hit with something as he saw something launch.
Just sit and giggle and enjoy their embarrassment.

(True story)


Bloggy Mama said…
Ohhhhh boy ;)
Kaili said…
Ohhhhh, boys!! Haha! Mmmm...strawberry ice cream!
Anonymous said…
awesome! (that's right, i can enjoy your pain as i am not yet a parent!!)
Lisa Baerg said…
Too funny! I can totally hear him giggling away! It was probably one of "those" tables of people that don't have children and are completely horrified by them. If that was the case, then fire away Liam!
Heather said…
Oh that is hilarious!
googler said…
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