Getting it straight

I'm sure I mentioned in days past, that Shea has had issues with his curved-in little feet. It took him a long time to walk, and since he still has problems with tripping over his own feet.
I mentioned it to my doctor again, and he figured that now that Shea has had time to put weight on them and it still hasn't seemed to help, he referred me to a physio. I saw the physio who now has sent me to the ortho unit at the Kelowna hospital. So Greg and I are going in the morning to see the specialists there. I am hoping it isn't anything serious and they can just fit him for some special insoles or shoes and that will be it. If not, the next step will be going to see the specialists at Vancouver Children's Hospital. I'll let you know how it goes.


Bloggy Mama said…
I'll be thinking of you guys and little Shea. I hope all goes well.
Kaili said…
Oh man, I hope everything goes well. You guys are in my thoughts! Drive safe!
Melissa said…
Sarah, this is SO much like my friend Paige's little guy, who is now 11 months old.

Check out these links to (and on) her blog:

This may not be what Shea's got going on, but there you have it!

I hope all works out for you!
Lisa Baerg said…
I understand the scariness of having your little baby referred to a "specialist". Hope the appointment went ok and was helpful.

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