(that's how Liam says Pumpkin!)
This year our boys didn't mind wearing their costumes from last year, so we had a deja vu dress up...see Riley here. And Liam wore his puppy costume again. I didn't even take a new picture of them!!
Here is our pumpkin we picked from the patch, named "Sheila...even though she is a BOY punkmin".

This, our first halloween in Salmon Arm, we joined the scads of parents and children on the main street of town, which they closed down and all the stores handed out candy! It was great, and done in the daylight (which is new to us)...and there was no snow or blowing wind like Calgary usually has on halloween! We got enough candy downtown that we were done our adventure and spent the rest of the night handing out treats at our house. We didn't even bother going through our neighborhood as Riley has been hacking (coughing) so hard today that he even missed school because of it. We just called it a night.
Hope you all had fun.


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