This was one of our first Thanksgivings where we didn't have to pack up and pile into the van for the 6 hour drive home for turkey! So nice. We went to my moms for the big turkey with about 17 other people. It was all so yummy.
Last Thanksgiving, we made the "announcement". Not the one that I was preggo (which I was, but wasn't sharing yet)...but the announcement that we were moving back to Salmon Arm. I don't think our family really believed us until it happened, that we would actually come, but here we are now. We are so excited that we don't have to pack up and pile into the van at Christmas either.
On Sunday we dedicated Shea to God and proclaimed our desire to raise him up to know about Jesus and all He has done for us.

With Greg working from home, he thinks it smart to show his actual face to the office every once in awhile, to connect at a more personal level. He went for a week in August and is going again tomorrow for a week. Oh oh. I am not anticipating this week without him, especially as I'm coughing during the night. But if it all contributes to the fact that he can work out of Salmon Arm, I'll take it for the team. I have help seen here...we have this "puppy" that'll read stories to Shea while I'm in the shower.

The fall colors around here are beautiful. I have to keep reminding myself that we only had one spindly little tree in Calgary, and that I should be looking around and enjoying the millions I can see out my windows. And I do. They are really so beautiful.
Happy Thanksgiving to all. Hope you had some good family time.


Heather said…
I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you. Thanks for the pic :)

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