5 months old

Can you believe it?
Shea has done some major growing and changing lately. He has conformed to more longer naps instead of catnaps all day long, and is sleeping in his own room with only one night feed and two large stretches of sleep. YAY! Sleep deprivation was REALLY getting to me. Once we finished the barfs around here, we got into the coughing scene. Riley missed two days of school with all the coughing and we are all yawning away from lack of sleep. But, I see the end in sight!!
Anyway, back to Shea. He now loves his exersaucer, and chews and grabs for toys at any chance. He is grabbing at food and forks when you hold him at the table (gotta be quick) and is a drooling mess. He just had his shots awhile back and was still just under 16lbs. Just a little guy.
We're enjoying him to bits.


Bloggy Mama said…
gosh, he's cute!!
The Foulds said…
What a happy guy! And too CUTE!
heidi said…
I love his eyes, nose and mouth. He is so sweet. Congrats on the sleep progress.
Elizabeth said…
5 Months already?? no way.. hes a doll

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