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I've been a little short on words lately. I guess I just haven't had the time I used to have in the past, to sit here and blog. 3 kids is a busy life for me at his point, and Shea isn't even crawling yet!! Oh yikes.
Last night we did the transition of finally getting Shea into his own room. He has always been sleeping about 2 ft away from me since he was born. I knew it was high time he moved though, as I was waking up to 5x in one night and he was becoming a bit too much of a night time snacker! We have been postponing the move as it would mean that Riley and Liam would then have to share a room. We still don't have the right beds...Liam is sleeping on our fold out queen couch thing, and Riley has his single, so their new room is basically one big bed. They don't fall asleep together yet, so we split them up for 5 short minutes til they fall asleep and then move them back together. It'll come. Shea did well for his first night, crying for a bit around 2am and then really crying at 4am so I finally fed him then, and that was it for the rest of the night. Not bad for his first night alone. I would have enjoyed my first night of long rest, but I spent the earlier half of the night hugging the toilet (ugh) and the latter half with my arms both numb and throbbing to the point that I couldn't sleep at all! How frustrating! I don't know why they did that, and no matter how I changed position or shook them, they wouldn't wake up. They still feel a little pins and needly now. Anyway, I am hoping that Shea starts to go through the night soon as I feel like I'm a year behind on sleep and am so anxious to catch up.
In other news, I'm excited that I've booked a trip up to Smithers (a tiny town in northern B.C I once lived in) for just Shea and I to spend a week with friends. It will be a good break and it's nice to have something to look forward to.


Heidi said…
Glad to hear things went ok for the first night on his own. Hope you feel better and can take advantage of the longer stretches of sleep. Maybe some peppermint tea will help you feel better. The chiro might help with the numb arm thing...wierd. Of you even have time to get to an appointment?
Anna said…
Ugggh, sorry you're sick. That sucks.

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