Well...we're almost done the week. There is a certain pride that comes with getting 3 kids dressed, getting the wood stove burning, baby nursed, the breakfast made and fed to the boys, their hair combed, lunch packed, myself showered and coats on and all of us out the door by 8:15am! Nevermind the rest of the day. But I am SO looking forward to my other-half coming back to join in the chaos (I mean, fun)...adding to their lives the parts that I so don't have in myself...aka wrestling skills, musical talents, muscles to carry large boys, and a general calm and steady nature. We definitely work best as a team, Greg and I, and though we have our moments, I know we both know that we need eachother. And that makes me happy. It's good to be needed, isn't it?

Miss you G


Heidi said…
Greg said…
I miss you too Honey
Angella said…

I couldn't do it. You are SUPERMOM!!!
Michelle said…
Awww you guys are such a great couple...I can only imagine how happy you'll be to have Greg home. Thanks for the inspiration :)

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