Of course school photos are always so posed and totally cheesy...but there is something so cute about the awkwardness of them too...the messy hair, the funny outfits, the silly smirks. I totally have to find you some old photos of my school days.
The other day when grandma was babysitting, Riley was bent over in half right in front of his sliding door window (with the blinds open)...showing the world his Nascar undies. Grandma said, "Riley!! Don't bend over like that in front of your window...the whole neighborhood doesn't need to see your bum!" to which he laughed hysterically for about 5 minutes straight.
We told him to think of that when the photographer was telling him to smile for his school picture.

It totally worked!


Heather said…
Those look good... man grade one already and there are pictures to prove it!
Bloggy Mama said…
so cute!!!
Faith & Mark said…
wow his picture turned out so much better than Micah's

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