Our trip to the pumpkin patch

I took my little point and shoot along with me to the pumpkin patch today. The playgroup that we regularly go to on Thursdays met at DeMilles today (a local farm/fruitstand). We got to go on a hayride out to the fields to choose our own pumpkin. BIG highlight of Liam's year!! He loves tractors. He took 2 seconds to pick a pumpkin, and then back onto the wagon he went. Shea slept in the snugli the whole time, and it was all great fun...

It was a gorgeous morning!

I really need some rubber boots.

I like this one, mom.

Ok, maybe this one.

First back on the wagon.

Shea's view from the snugli!

So proud to be a farmer for the day (but deep down he's a city kid who runs from innocent little kittens)


Angella said…
Your kids are too cute. Looks like a great day!
Heather said…
That is sweet Liam got to go on his first hayride :) Looked very fun!

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