Wearing the baby

I've heard that term a lot..."wearing the baby". I think it is referring to those mothers who believe that babies love to be close to their mothers, like a little koala, or a kangaroo...and they put their babies in slings and snugli's as much as possible. Most of them co-sleep as well. I'm sure there are studies and findings done to support this. I haven't done my own research on the subject. All I know, is that my kids all LOVE to be held. Riley though, hated the snugli. Hated it. Screamed bloody murder in it. So I didn't even bother with the sling. After Liam was born, my back was in such rough shape, I could barely lift him, let alone carry him for long periods of time. With Shea, out of necessity, to get the kids to and from school, I put him in a snugli often and he LOVED it. Over the summer, with the heat and because we weren't going to school, I didn't use the snugli much. Now that Greg is away this week, and I am without a vehicle, I am back to the snugli. Also Elizabeth had mentioned a few posts ago that maybe a sling would be good for Shea who pretty much always wants to be held. I'm a little reluctant to buy a sling at this point, as he's getting big. Maybe I should borrow someones and see if I like it. Anyway...here we are today after our walk to school. He's so CUTE!


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