4 month footsies

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Yes, it's official, he is now 4 MONTHS old!! Good gravy. I still remember being hugely pregnant like it was yesterday. I took him into the clinic today to weigh him, and he's 15lbs and 26". Still smaller than his brothers were at his age. Liam was this heavy at 11 weeks!!! He has 2 bottom teeth now, he can roll but doesn't do it often yet. He holds his head up alot more. He likes to be held...ALOT. He pretty much spends all evening in my arms, or else crying. So I'm not getting a whole lot done around the house. Mornings are a bit better, he will play for small intervals, and nurse and sleep, but by evening, he wants me all to himself! He still doesn't sleep through the night but is generally up only once. His crib is a mere 2 ft. from my side of the bed, so I don't think it helps the situation as I can hear him before he even cries. He smiles and laughs and is overall content as long as someone is around. His main love language must be "personal touch and closeness" like Liam!! as he is always happiest with someone smooshed up right beside him. I am cherishing these days before he is mobile, as I know how that'll just kick things up a notch and I really won't get ANYTHING done around here then!! Speaking of which...I have laundry on the go.
Better put down the baby and make a run for it.


Heidi said…
Hi Sarah, I love that you said'tootleloo' Helena says that lots. It is so cute. I can't wait to snuggle that cutie and give you a break...let me know when you can come...before or after baby is totally fine.
Tired Heidi said…
I just noted that the time of submission of my last comment says 7:31 am but really it is 6:31 am and I've been up since 6 am...Helena is a very early riser! I like t get up early but not before the rooster.
Heather said…
What a sweetie!
Elizabeth said…
Hey Sarah, have you got a sling or a wrap to wear him in? I don't know if it is something that you wld be interested in but it sounds like it might help to free up your hands if you wanted to try one out.

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