Time for a new look

I have never changed my template until today. There sure aren't a lot of options with blogger, but I'm just not brave enough to stroll out into the unknown land of my own site yet. WAY too much work, but I know a lot of you have done it and your pages look amazing.
Anyway...lately I've been thinking a lot about genetics. It could be because I'm in the last month of being pregnant and am wondering the common question of "what will my baby look like, and who will he look like more?". So far I think our boys look a lot like a little Sarah (that would be Riley) and a little Greggy (that would be Liam). Riley has these chestnut brown eyes and long lean limbs like an Engel (that's my side of the fam). Then you have Liam with killer big lashes around greeny blue eyes, a really chubby round chin, long back and short legs like a Davidson. But then you get parts on each of them that are distinctly from the other side of the fam, and then a little bit of their "own" features. I find it so cool how nieces or nephews can look more like you than like their own parents?! It's such fun to watch my own boys grow and see them change and imagine how they will look as adults...when they will be looking down at me and speaking with their deep voices. (Oh the grocery bills yet to come!!)
I am quite a combo of my parents. I look a lot like both of them. You know how you hear of body shapes being described as Apple shape, Pear shape etc. I have what I like to describe as a Sponge Bob shape. Kinda square-ish on top, with long stick legs out the bottom. I never really have had a waist. I'm just square with legs. I actually have more curves when I'm pregnant, tee hee. I guess we just don't get the choice of genetics...and how would you choose? and what would you choose?? There are days I love being tall (I'm around 5 ft 8), and other days I wish I could be this petite little thing looking up at everyone who would be the pick to be put at the top of the people pyramid. I've been called a "big girl" and though I know I'm not petite and never will be...who wants to be called a "big girl"? You only want to hear that when you're like 5 and you just got your training wheels off.
You always get the weirdest comments about your babies especially in their first year. Oh, they look just like so and so. Or wow, they sure have a large noggin. Or goodness, do your ears bend like that too? Or man, you can sure tell he's going to be a heartbreaker. It never really ends. We all do it. Even myself. You can't help but try to determine who or what the new little being is like. And we all know the answer...they will just be, well ... themself.


The Foulds said…
I like the new look it is very simple, clean and crisp!

I wonder the same things about Marin and our future children, it's fun to think of the possibilities. :)
Heather said…
Wow what a shocker! From dark to light hun? Cool... I love it. I've really noticed Ava looks more and more uniquely herself these days. Hope you got some zzz's soon.
Heidi said…
I have to be honest...I miss the darker background. It seemed more you but I will try to get used to the change. You are just too much fun for plain white...I mean...deformed face pictures...need I say more! Hope you catch some good ZZZZZZZZZZZZ's tonight. Love ya!
Anna said…
Whoa, big change here! I think I could get used to it.

Can't wait to see what your peanut looks like. (I was going to say little peanut but then I remembered who I was talking to and that "little" doesn't apply to your babies!) ;)

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