This weather.

It just stinks!! I'm so sick of the snow. I would like to just sit on the couch in my pj's with a hot chocolate and not move most of the day...but alas, I can't. And I'd probably seize. No, we did our usual run to swimming lessons, the store and school. I caved today and drove around the block to pick up Riley from school. I was not going to push Liam through blowing sleet twice in one afternoon. We have a snow warning in effect right now. Isn't it almost May??
Anyway. It makes me crabby and even more tired than I already am. I tried to make myself feel better by picking up a screen tent at Canadian Tire this morning. You know, just cuz we're eating outside in this gorgeous sunshine and are fighting off the wasps from our huge burgers. Ya, no. But we will be. And it felt good just to buy the screen house and pretend we really need it right now. Maybe I'll set it up in the living room, just to help it feel more summery.


Tanneal said…
I second that!!! It's not much nicer up here in Sylvan=( Lucky you're moving away from it all!

You look FABULOUS if that's any consolation=)
Heather said…
Oh that is too bad the weather is so crummy! I won't say what it is like here right now ;) Only two more months of C town. You can do it!

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