Sorry for the lack of communication lately. I probably haven't made it clear that my computer has still been on the fritz...ever since our Maui trip. Greg had replaced the hard drive, but now it needs a whole new motherboard or something which we're not willing to pour money into. It would be better to buy a whole new computer. So Greg is on the lookout. Hence, here I sit on his computer again. Trying to make sense of this crazy Mac book!! During the day I get on my old computer and attempt to write a blog or email as fast as I possibly can before it crashes on me. Quite irritating. Sometimes it'll last for about 2 minutes, and other times it'll last for an hour. Totally unpredictable. Like a moody teenager, that stupid Dell-ilah (as I like to call her).
I thought I should update you on the BOYS. They are very much keeping me busy and both drive me nuts and make me laugh all the time. I seem to be talking about the house and the baby a lot lately...but really, my 5 and 3 yr old are the ones that take up 99% of my energy at this point.

Liam was keeping me on my toes on Friday. I had a friend over to our place for the first time, with her little two year old. In the 5 minutes while I was busy showing my friend our house, Liam and his buddy had gotten into two bottles of white out and had begun to "paint" my basement. They "painted" the TV, the hope chest, the desk, the mirror and a chair. I can't believe they got nothing on themselves or the carpet. So we cleaned that up and then they were off into some cd's and both ended up cutting our visit short by pooping in their pants. Nice. I rely on Riley quite a bit to tell me if that kiddo is getting himself into trouble. Obviously Riley wasn't around, and it surprised me how quick Liam was to find anything he shouldn't be playing with. What's that quote? "While the cat's away, the mice will play."
But oh man, Liam is definitely the comedian of the family and can talk your ear off. In this next picture, he's busy telling me how he just fell off his bike, and the bike was going ahead of him down towards the water, but a big bush stopped his bike for him. And oh ya, he didn't get hurt, cuz he was wearing his helmet.

Riley is loving spring. He absolutely loves being outside. He is pretty much outside from after school until supper and then again til bed. I remember those days as a kid. Our neighborhood is full of boys, and there is always a good gang of them in the back lane or the park across the street. He usually comes in crying as he just doesn't want to quit. He loves his bike and scooter. I usually let him scooter to school as it'll fold up and fit into my buggy. I am so relieved that where we are moving is perfect for biking and being outdoors.

Today was warm and mostly sunny, so we spent about 6 hours outside. We drove to a park on the river, and had brought their bikes. We had KFC on a picnic blanket, flew kites and played baseball. The boys fell asleep tonight in about 2 minutes.


Angella said…
Fresh air is the BEST for pooping out my boys too :)
Heather said…
Sounds like a fun stage those two are at... busy but fun!
Tanneal said…
That picture of Liam is priceless...I can totally imagine him telling that story.

YAY for it FINALLY being warm enough to be outdoors!

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