It's official

Today our realtor is putting up our SOLD sign. The subjects were removed last night officially, meaning all the finances of our buyers are in order. YAY! We weren't really worried that they wouldn't be, as our realtor friend was so confident, but it's nice to hear that all went through. We hired a home inspector for the SA place, and once he's finished (and hopefully nothing too major is wrong with the place), we switch our mortgage over and tada, all done.
Baby 3 is going absolutely crazy right now. Liam just felt one of the hugest kicks ever and looked up at me with astonishment. The space available for the baby is pretty much full from top to bottom. He is grinding my lower left hip, has his back/bum on the right side, and feet kicking constantly on the upper left side. He feels large already. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and she said that I'm measuring smaller than my weeks are. I was the same with the first two boys. I don't think I ever measured larger than 37 weeks, even full term. Yet I informed her that the measurements don't indicate a small baby for me, like they always try to say. So I guess I'm just really good at hiding babies low in my pelvis. I get no sympathy from the doctors until they finally pull out the near crawling 10 lb baby and then say, OH! I thought it was only around 8lbs at the most. This is why folks...I need you to pray that I go into labor in 2 weeks would be great. Thanks


Heidi said…
We are so happy for you guys! I've already been praying that you will have that baby early and will keep doing so. Rest easy and start doing your squats!
Angella said…
You should move to Summerland - my doctor would induce you early :)
Anna said…
Congrats on the house stuff Sarah.

I'll start praying for gushing fluids ASAP. ;)

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