Hi everyone...I'm writing from sunny Salmon Arm here.
So we drove out of Calgary on the Saturday morning. I was drying the floor with a big beach towel because I had just mopped and the house was going to be shown in the next 15 minutes! I left the house absolutely spotless.
We had a good drive to Salmon Arm and were already on the phone with our realtor about people who were interested in our house!!
Long story short, we were signing papers on Monday night and the house is already conditionally sold!! Huge answer to prayers!!
On Monday we had spent the whole day (while grandpa babysat) looking at 11 houses. We found one we loved and made an offer on it the next morning and heard last night that our offer was accepted!! Can you believe it!?
It should still be on MLS, so you may get a look at it on MLS # 9165844. If not, here's some outside photos.They closed in the garage and made it into a big room there (with the french doors) and a great office space for Greg to the right of the doors. We may need to add a new carport or garage eventually to the right side of the house.

This is the backyard. Between the two trees is a pond and there is a little shed and green house behind that. Very much "in the trees". A nice change from the city.

It is in the Hillcrest area, with a 10min walk to Rileys new school, 12min walk to Luke and Pam's, 10min walk to where my parents will be in August!! We got it at a good enough price that we can spend some money on it for renos (mainly the kitchen). It includes that great office space for Greg (as he'll be working from home)...and is almost the exact floor plan (4-level split) of a house that we wished we could have built. So we are very happy and just have to wait for all the financing to go through.
Thanks for all who have been thinking of us. This house had been on the market since February and we believe no one bought it because God had intended it for us!
Talk to you again soon.....


The Foulds said…
WOW, that is awesome!

The house looks great, the boys are going to have SO much fun in that yard! And perfect that it is so close to school and family!

Yay! :)
Anna said…
WOOOOHOOOO!!!! Congrats guys! Can't wait to see the house in person. It'll be so much fun once you're settled in...that deck will be great...looking forward to it. :)
karen said…
Now, why would you want to rennovate that kitchen? ;)

Elizabeth said…
I'm not sure where I found you but I see that Kristin and Karen commented and I read their blogs. Anyhow, I was going to say.. Kamloops is close to SA. If you ever are looking for anearby blogger...
Heather said…
I can't believe it is actually happening! So sweet... Can't wait to see it this weekend :)
Michelle said…
So happy for you guys! I'm glad everything went so smoothly so far and will keep praying that it continues to...look forward to checking out your new place possibly this summer sometime!
Royden and Ruth said…
Congrats guys! That house looks great! I have to say I'm a little jealous that so many people are able to move home these days. I miss SA! Especially the summers. We'll be praying that things continue to go smoothly for you guys with the move etc.
Tanneal said…
I just had a look at it on MLS...BEAUTIFUL!! How exciting for you guys=) I love the yard and the house looks like it was really well taken care of. That's so awesome that in a matter of days you were able to sell your own house and purchase another one..PTL!! So nice that you'll be so close to friends and family now too!

I thought it was the bottom of the description for the house on MLS it says "'ll be glad YOU did". That was just for YOU

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