Happy Easter!

We had fun searching in a big field for easter eggs this afternoon. It is a gorgeous and sunny Easter in Salmon Arm today. Hope you're all enjoying some fun with your families. It is fun to explain to Riley the importance of this special day and how happy of a time it is for those of us who believe in God. No, it's not just about chocolate.
Yesterday morning we had all 20 members of our immediate family, plus a few extras, tour the new house with us. It makes us anticipate how much the house will be full of extra company, family and friends. We didn't get so much company out in Calgary. This should be a better house for entertaining too, and we look forward to all the days ahead in it...being actually close enough to our family to have them make use of the place too.
We're ready to head back to Calgary in the morning. When we come back next, it'll be with all our stuff. I think it'll be bittersweet as we tie up things there, finish Riley off in school, have this baby, pack up and say our goodbyes. So much to do, but a lot less stress than there was a week ago as we have the house arrangements under control. And I tell you, I am now almost ready to have this baby. It is getting to the point where there is NO room in the "inn". There is no longer a comfortable position to be had. When baby is awake, there is no sleeping either. I am sore. But hey, almost done.
So I'll catch you all again when I'm back in Calgary. Oh, and two people in SA confessed and say they read my blog all the time but never post...so hi Lana and Brandy! Maybe you'll de-lurk and say hi?? I allow anonymous comments!


Heather said…
We just made it home. Sure was fun to see you guys. Liam really made the Easter egg hunt exciting. Hope you have a safe trip home.
Tanneal said…
Glad you guys had a good Easter=) I hope all goes well with your move!

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