I've had a relatively "easy" time sleeping in the last 8 months, besides the odd trip to the bathroom or times when I've had a cold.
Now things aren't going so great. I am exhausted by 10pm, but it usually takes me a few hours of laying there while the baby pushes on every side of my achey, itchy if he is trying to find a way out. If he sticks his bum up too high, the indigestion/heartburn feeling begins. Not so fun. Last night I finally gave in and turned on my light and wrote in my diary for an hour...something I haven't done in ages. I remember this same routine with both Riley and Liam when it was the final month. I'd spend hours hanging over my big red yoga ball, wishing it was possible to catch sleep there. The hardest part is knowing that you need your sleep, but you certainly won't catch up tomorrow as your kids are up at 7am and no longer nap either. I tell you though, it does help you deal well with late night feedings with a newborn, because even though you are awake feeding them...when you're done staring at their cute little face while they eat, and have put them down, then your body is your own and you can actually sleep like a log until the next feed. I do anyway. Looking forward to that.


Angella said…
I DON'T MISS that last month. Hope it flies by for you :)

I like the template too :)
Tanneal said…
Still too close to home for me! Some nights are better than others foresure. I hope for you that your baby boy#3 is an AMAZING sleeper!!

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