Don't want to forget these...

As you know, boxes really are the best toy. We have a lot around here.
I try to pack a few boxes a week, if I can. It's not the easiest to do, especially if I'm packing toys. Riley especially is always saying, "But mom! I really need this's my favorite!" I keep reassuring him that the toys are going to our new house, and won't be in storage forever. Man, we've acquired a lot of stuff.
Anyway...when I found the boys in the box this morning, Liam said that he and Riley were ready to go to Salmon Arm. "But we'll need a pillow in the box mom, cuz the box doesn't have one yet." Hmm. Tempting. Maybe I'll leave them in the back of the moving van...(joke only!)
Anyway...aren't they precious??


Angella said…
They ARE precious!

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