The little pregnancy ticker at the bottom of the page says..."60 days to go". Oh Lordy, pick a bale of cotton.
In 30 days I'm sure I will be begging any doctor within earshot to help take him out, but right now I am happy this little guy is still baking and I don't have to deal with the little constant poopy diapers, breastfeeding, being up in the night, crying, etc. Just not yet. I will be. But not yet.
We had a crazy evening at Chuck E Cheese's tonight. It was the reward of Riley completing a reward chart for having a good "thumbs up" day at school. He isn't the class bully or anything, but has had trouble with communicating and solving problems with classmates, so to say. I went in to talk to the teacher about his report card today. How crazy is that!! to be the adult talking about my childs grades!!! Didn't I just graduate?? Anyway...he's doing well...excelling in his numbers, letter recognition and all. His biggest struggles are socially with keeping focused on instructions and letting others know what he wants. Part of this is due to his young age (he started at 4 1/2)...but the teacher is positive he'll catch up in that regard and isn't behind in the activities at all. So that is always good to hear, especially as a parent who was always a goody two shoes in school. To hear that anything is going wrong at all makes me feel just as bad as I did when I was disciplined in school. Anyway...we celebrated his successes in the classroom by going to Chuck E Cheese. We spent most of the time at the bowling part with Liam who spent almost every token so he could get more balls to roll up into the target holes. That kid loves any ball game. And Riley took me on a wild jet ski ride. Wasn't so gentle. Glad it wasn't the real thing.
So another weekend is upon us. We have so much to do, but have been tackling the house stuff pretty well. Our house will be on the market this coming week. Akk!! I took pics for the realtor, so I'll give you a tour.


Tanneal said…
I love your pictures...your belly, your house and those little cuties you photographed!

You look amazing! I hope you are able to get lots of rest in b4 baby 3 "pops" out=)
Mar said…
Yup - he's coming, isn't he? ? This time just before is such a "pause" - you know what' coming and are trying hard to prepare for it as much as you can. . . the hardest to me is having your attention divided! when you want to give your all to each precious guy in your gang! But you're an awesome Mom, and I know you'll take in in stride, and one day at a time. Hugs, sweety! the pics are great!

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