Checking off the list

I'm sure a lot of you in your "middle age" with children...can appreciate the need for lists. It is rare that I can go to the grocery store without a list, or I will definitely forget at least 3 things that I needed to get. One day while at the store, my list flew off my cart and under a heavy shelf and I almost had them get someone out to move the darn shelf so I could carry on my way with list in hand.
Anyway...with the open house this Saturday, I've had an ongoing list of things to do around the place. You could say we haven't kept up the place very well, but I must explain that it is pretty hard to have the motivation to fix dents and scrub walls and windows when you know that two seconds later, a sticky hand and a flying car will soon be hitting them. So thus, everything has been left til the last week here, in hopes that no new dents and sticky fingers will land on the place. (Ya right)
I just finished the filling, sanding, priming and painting parts of the basement family room. The previous owners had painted it a bright cinnamon rose color, so you can imagine, seeing as its the toy room, that there were plenty of white marks showing through. So it looks great now, but now the poor boys are on complete restriction of the area.
Other things on the list that have been done...
scrub the shower
rake the yards
go to the dump with a ton of junk
clean the oven
wash the windows
get the blinds cleaned
sort the pantry
pack clutter from the closets away
hang up the new coat rack

The list is getting smaller, folks!! Talk about spring cleaning! and early nesting instincts being forced into action. The house has never looked better. And this will mean less work for us when it's time to actually move out.
I wish I had the time to be cooking extra meals to store away for when baby comes, but that'll have to wait. And it'll depend on if I have any energy left after this next week!
I know a lot of you have moved in the past and can appreciate all the work it involves. This is why I'm praying to find the right house in Salmon Arm so that we never have to move again. Ha ha. Well at least not for a few more years.


Heidi said…
Way to go Sarah. Make sure you do rest though! The house pictures do look great and I'm sure you will have no trouble selling. Hopefully the buying side of things will go just as well.

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