We're DONE painting!!

Our living room had all been a bright lime green. There was a divide line down the right side of the bay windows which had left the sub wall and entryway completely white. Now it's all Boston Fern green.

Pam carried the green on up part of the stairwell. It had been white too, as well as the wall that you see when you walk in the door.

This is our ensuite bathroom. It had been a boring yellowy mocha shade, with seeping orange underneath it, from a poor paint job before. We did it in (Lunenberg) blue as well as the bathroom off the kitchen. It's hard to tell that I have chocolate brown towels in there, but that's what they are and they look sweet.
We did our kitchen as well, but it looks pretty much the same as before in a tan shade (Sisal). I'll send some more pics after I clean up the paint cans in there!

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO LUKE AND PAM! I'd still be cutting in if it weren't for them.
(They pulled out this morning.)
Love you.


Anna said…
It looks great! Good job to all involved! I LOVE the bathroom! Remember the name of that color will ya Sarah? ;)
Heather said…
Great colours! Too bad you are moving now... he he he
The Foulds said…
Looks super!
I as well LOVE the bathroom!
Tanneal said…
I love those colors! Looks really good with the white trim too.
Michelle said…
Looks wonderful Sush, I love the green! We painted our bathroom a very similar color...great taste :)

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