Happy birthday to my baby!!

He's 3!
We had his little Diego/Dora party for him tonight with about 10 kidlets (ages 6 and under) and 9 adults. We decided to go ahead and do it right after supper for a simple cake/present time. It worked out well and Liam was full of his usual enthusiasm until about 8pm when he had just plain worn out of being nice and sharing his new toys!! I knew it would be tricky as he didn't have a nap, but he did fine.
I had made a banana slushie drink and a chocolate cake and angel food cake with skor whipped cream/pudding icing. Yumm.
We are pretty tired, but all had a good time and we have new things around here to play with! Yay, as we got dumped with snow and northern winds again. I'll show you some more party pics later.


The Foulds said…
Happy 3rd Birthday Liam!!
Heather said…
Happy Birthday Liam! Wish I could be there to give you some Birthday bumps! : )

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