about the baby

With all that has been going on lately, the baby hasn't gotten much publicity. It's a good and a bad thing to be so preoccupied at this stage in the game! I think if this move wasn't coming up so fast, and I didn't have the busyness of the boys...I'd be whining about all the aches and pains of being almost 31 weeks along!!
It really is all going by so fast. The little guy has really gone quite easy on me for my third time around. I don't know if he's dropping today though, or just in a really weird spot, but he's hitting a nerve in my back somewhere at odd times during the day, which makes me wince and feel like I could almost collapse. It's as though I'm being chased by someone with a tazer gun that will hit at any given moment. I think if he changes position, the problem will be solved. I need to head back to my chiropractor. I'm praying that he will help in making sure this guy isn't posterior like Liam was. Ouch. Back labor sucks. I have heard that delivering a baby posterior is like adding 2 extra pounds on to a baby...so that would have meant it was like delivering a 12 pounder...so if this one is in the right position, it shouldn't be so bad...even if he's as big. (just a bit of my fear of delivery day coming out here).
I have actually lost weight this week...I think its just cuz I'm so busy. I have put on 10 pds. altogether. I don't worry that the baby isn't growing though...you should see the belly now!!
I am sleeping pretty good, as long as my brain isn't too busy. I have had the odd calf cramp, but nothing crazy. I am tired though, and am sad that Liam chooses to be done with naps now as I could almost fall asleep standing up in the afternoon.
Anyway...not long to go. I want the whole house thing to be over (selling ours and buying another) so that I can spend a little bit more time focusing on this new one who is about to arrive. We don't even have a name finalized. :( The boys are getting excited about when the baby is "gonna POP out". Should be crazy!!!


Heidi said…
oohhh! I'm so excited for you. You do make me feel tired though. You have a lot on your plate.
Heather said…
I'm so excited to meet this lil guy!
Angella said…
Wow! You're busy! And only 10 pounds? You must be ALL BABY!


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