A new Year

So we're still in Salmon Arm. We've had our full of food and parties. We have one last "event" tomorrow night and then we'll be heading back to Cowtown.
The boys have been hacking with coughs through the night, resulting in little sleep, but that's pretty common even at home.
My belly has decided to grow a mile a minute in the last week...so now I look obviously pregnant and can't suck it in anymore ;) I'm half-way there!!?
Riley had a super fun birthday party on Saturday. We started with sledding, and then opened presents at Luke and Pam's with both sides of the family (16 of us). I had made up pizza buns and veggies etc. and then we ate up a blackforest cake that grandma had made. We rushed off after supper to the Davidson/Aylard annual fruit cup hockey game. Greg played and scored us three goals and their team won. We were all rather exhausted after that crazy day. I still can't believe that Riley is indeed 5! He said to me in the van yesterday..."Mom, you'd better give me a hug!" "Why?" "Cuz after 5 comes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and then I'll be an adult and I won't be around anymore." "But, don't worry, I'll come visit you in my car."
I have many pictures to share, but will do it later when I'm on my own computer.
Happy NEW YEAR y'all!


The Foulds said…
Happy New Year!
Wow you are half way already, your sweet new babe will be here in no time! :)
Heidi said…
Give Riley a Happy Birthday hug from me. Happy New Year!
Angella said…
Happy New Year! And Happy Birthday to Riley.

Auntie Elizabeth said…

Kisses for all the boys and you too HOT MAMMA... ! Happy New year - much LOVE - Auntie Elizabeth

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