Baby pictures

Here's a bit closer of his leg, profile and spine.

I hope you all can see this little guy!
They give you this huge x-ray type sheet of pictures and I always wonder what they expect us to do with them...I ended up holding them up next to the window and taking a picture of the x-ray. Pretty clear considering that it's a picture of a picture!
My ultrasound tech was much gentler this time around. The baby still liked his little place face down in my pelvis. She had me rolling on my side but never jabbed my belly like the last lady. So that's over,
and YES...he's definitely all BOY. He isn't shy about proving it, either.
I was glad to catch his profile. He looks as cute as the last two.


Angella said…
He looks adorable!

The Foulds said…
Won't be long and he'll be here!
So fun, I love seeing little wee babies all happy and snugly in their mommy's tummy's!
elizabeth said…
I love sonogram pictures
T said…
I'm always so amazed at ultrasound think that God is weaving together a beautiful little creation just for you! How awesome=)

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