Finally got back in

I was having trouble getting signed into my blog ...but finally figured it out again, so here I am.
Not much is new, the reality of a 3rd boy is slowly starting to settle in and I've been trying to get myself more excited as I go through old boxes of baby clothes. I'm already feeling bad for this boy as most clothes have been through 3 boys or more already (I bought some stuff second hand and lent out most). I'll have to go out shopping for some brand spankin new outfits for this guy so he doesn't feel like the hand-me-down kid. I also take a lot of pictures and it'll get rather confusing for me to tell the boys all apart in their photos if they all wear the same baby clothes!! I also need a new umbrella buggy as just this morning I arrived back from walking Riley to school and Liam and the buggy he was in, collapsed right in front of me on the front sidewalk!! It certainly was worn to the ground.
We're anticipating our trip to Maui, not this Monday but the next!! It has been a scramble to get the passports together, and they won't be ready til the day we leave if all goes as it should. The front page of the paper the other day read "Passport Frenzy"...showing and telling of people waiting for hours and hours in line (like poor Greg did) everyone needs to have a passport now to enter the January 23rd...only one day after we leave. We could have risked it and gone without as our plane leaves the day before...but we could just imagine them saying, sorry, you may not proceed, while our friends take off on vacation and we're stuck in the Vancouver airport, crying. We'd rather be safe than sorry. It's a quick trip. We leave on Monday afternoon and will be home on Friday morning. I think it'll feel long though as we will have quietness on an entire flight and mornings to sleep in and read and eat in peace. Ahhh. We are going with our other friends who are also parents of 2 boys with a baby on the way. No kids will be present other than the kickers in the belly. I intend to take many pictures, so you will all feel like you came along.


The Foulds said…
Yippee a boy!
It will be fun to see if he looks like Riley or Liam, or if he looks totally different! :)

A trip to Maui with NO KIDS!! Have FUN!! I am sure you will! Can't wait to see your pictures. :)
christy said…
I've seen your name commenting on Angella's site. i had to come and check you out. I too am a huge fan of photoagraphy. I wanna get better! You take great photos.
Who know's maybe we can learn something from eachother. I'm going to add you to my links.
Heather said…
Can hardly wait to see those photos :)
Anna said…
I'm still so jealous of your trip! You deserve it'll be busy when you get back..getting ready for baby and moving. Take LOTS of pictures and I want to see some of YOU too! HAVE FUN SARAH!
Elizabeth said…
Yes yes.. please take lots of pics.. as I will be stuck here on the east coast feeling blah.. so some nice pics of Hawaii may make me feel better too.. Have a great time
Sandy said…
I so wanted to have a boy and dress him up in all the cute baby clothes for boys that are out now!

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