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Ok, I am having so much grief with this silly blogger...that and the combination of the fact that my laptop crashed, so I have to try fumbling away here on Gregs computer. I have been dying to play with my pictures and send them out, but alas, I have to wait. I think my laptop is officially toast, so Greg is trying to save my pictures and whatnot. What a big bummer. Well here's a few more pictures...

This is the view from inside our condo. The patio door opened all the way across the width of the condo, making our kitchen/living area right open to the sea air. You could hear the waves splashing across the street.

This is Andrew and Greg with the Hawaii dancers after the luau.

Lisa and I after the luau, with the firedancer and his sidekick.


Faith & Mark said…
Thanks for the pics! I'm sure you have more on flikr, eh? Hope you aren't too jet-lagged. Get some sleep!

- Mark
elizabeth said…
Wow.. these are great.. I am so jealous

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