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Well here I am!! 4 weeks later, at 20 weeks prego. As you can see, I'm comfortably stretched out into my prego pants. I have my ultrasound on Wednesday, and my next doc appointment a week after that, so I can't update you much until then. Apparently a "typical" baby should weigh about 400 grams (about 14 ounces) and would be about 25 centimetres long by this point. (Add a few extra ounces on that statistic to equal one of my "typical" babies.)
Check out more pics on my flickr site.


Angella said…
You look awesome!
The Foulds said…
Ooo so exciting! You are looking great!
Anna said…
You look awesome Sarah! It's SO exciting that you're half way!! Hopefully you'll get a nice profile shot from your ultrasound that we can ooh and awww over. Can't wait!

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