Memoirs of Maui

We're back!
Excuse me while I shed a few tears...

Ok. Back to reality.

We had a GREAT trip to Maui. We had perfect weather, super company, a great location in our Kihei condo. We rented a fun convertible PT cruiser and drove up and down the whole west coast. We swam at many various beaches and enjoyed a luau, ate lots of seafood leisurely, scoped out some outdoor markets, saw whales and other sealife, took a bunch of pictures, laughed, relaxed, slept. Need I say more. It was absolutely wonderful.
Mom survived her time with our busy boys. I think she was relieved to have us home and we spent the day with her today...went to ikea, and now she just left tonight. She had the house clean as a whistle and the boys were smiling and well we THANK her endlessly.
We would do that trip again and again. It was so great.
We have a little bit of a tan...we tried hard not to burn. We are a little lacking in sleep as our last night was spent on the plane with a screaming 2 yr old sitting behind us the entire flight from Maui to Vancouver. Oh well, it couldn't be entirely perfect.
So now it's back to the grind. We're thankful to have the weekend to recover before Greg is back to work and Riley to school. Our hearts are full of happy memories that will last forever. I'd leave you with some pictures if blogger would let me (argh).


Heather said…
Wow sounds amazing. So glad you had a time to relax.
Michelle said…
Sounds like you had a great time. So happy for you - you deserve it! Can't wait to see more pics
Angella said…
Sounds great! Welcome home!
The Foulds said…
Looks and sounds like you had a great time! Right on! :)

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